5 Best Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Your Office Building

5 Best Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Your Office Building

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An office building is built to last for about 45 to 60 years, sometimes longer.  If you’re a facility manager, then you’re concerned with extending the lifespan of your office building.

Similarly, you could be a property owner who happened to stumble across this article.  If you want to achieve this for your building, then you’re reading the right piece.  Don’t go away.

It is not enough to build your office in a choice location and with the most expensive materials you can afford.  Thus, you need to carry out the right measures to extend the lifespan of your office building.  Failure to do this leads to the building getting dilapidated and in some situations, needing demolition.


Measures to Extend the Lifespan of Your Office Building

  • Always use the best materials

This point is self-evident.  Hence, when you use the best materials out there for building your office as well as for conducting repairs, you ensure that your building lasts.

In addition, you prevent the unfortunate scenario of having to conduct repairs on the same issue several times.  It might cost you quite some money but in the long run, it is worth it.

  • Keep your office clean

Secondly, you need to keep all spaces in your office building clean.  Dirt particles harm the building’s interior and exterior.  In addition, when you let the dirt build up, it destroys the wall finishes, paints as well as furniture.  Thus, you need to clean your office building regularly.

Contract out specialized cleaning of the building to a company versed in such matters.  It is worth your money.

Furthermore, the facility manager should also get an artisan to check the window and door seals.  Moisture can build up there and this forms a fertile breeding ground for mold to infect the building.

However, when the window and door seals are in good condition, this prevents moisture buildup, and your building’s lifespan gets extended.

  • Conduct fire inspections regularly

Moreover, the facility manager needs to inspect the office building yearly for fire risks.  If you come across suspected fire hazards, address them promptly.  In addition, the right safety measures must be put in place and obeyed to lower the risk of fire.

The facility manager needs to check all fire-fighting equipment to be sure they are still in good working condition.

  • Conduct frequent exterior inspections

It is not enough to inspect the interior of your office building; the exterior needs to be inspected regularly.  Remember that the exterior gets exposed to harsh weather conditions, thus increasing the need for regular inspection.

In addition, paint also gets worn out on the outside of a building faster than its interior due to sunlight and rain.  Be sure to coat the exterior walls of your building with high-quality paint.  Paint protects the exterior walls from looking unsightly as well as helps to extend the lifespan of the building.

  • Remember to inspect the HVAC system

It is important to bear in mind that the facility manager needs to inspect the office building’s electrical architecture.  Don’t wait until problems occur before you call in the electricians to check the building.

It is a good idea to inspect the building yearly to forestall problems and to fix issues that could lead to structural damage.  In addition, inspect the HVAC systems regularly to prevent damage caused by leakage.



An office building doesn’t need to get dilapidated before the intended lifespan has elapsed.  When you conduct regular inspections on the building’s interior and exterior, you will detect problems before they cause structural damage.

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